International schools have become an essential element in transforming today's education and taking it to new horizons. However, in order to keep up with the procedures and requirements of an educational center of this type, it is essential to integrate advanced technological tools such as a academic software for schools.

If you are planning to use this technology to streamline your school documentation processes, here we explain the main aspects you should take into account to achieve it.

Challenges solved by academic software for international schools 

Today, international schools offer a quality education that prepares students to position themselves for employment in an increasingly globalized world. However, this task involves a series of challenges to adjust the academic local academic management to the standards and regulations that must be met at the global level.

In this context, some of the most significant difficulties that often arise along the way are:

  • Template requirements: Commonly, the lack of customization of templates makes it difficult to produce report cards/bulletins and other academic documents, which must follow specific guidelines, dictated by the country with which the school is linked.
  • Compliance with various regulations: As we know, in addition to abiding by the regulations of foreign countries, international schools are also subject to the local laws of the country where they are located. Consequently, it is often a challenge to integrate both regulations into the same academic management system.
  • Language configuration: Also, these schools often implement educational platforms developed in the countries they are related to (e.g. Germany, Switzerland, etc.). However, they do not always have the option to choose different languages. Therefore, some of the users may have difficulties to efficiently solve problems in a different language than the one they are used to.
  • Elaboration of equivalencies: Finally, performing the manual calculations to adapt the local evaluation systems to the different international equivalencies is one of the tasks that increase the operational costs of the processes because they consume a large amount of time.

CTA key aspects

Under these circumstances, implementing an academic academic software for schools responds to all these difficulties in a comprehensive manner, offering important competitive advantages to facilitate the processes of an educational center of international stature.

These are some of the solutions offered that can make a difference in the academic management of your institution:

Template customization 

Firstly, with this type of software, the templates have the capacity to generate all the necessary documentation, following the international criteria required by the country with which the school is linked. In this way, it is possible to have a massive and centralized data record in the same platform, available for its use.

Regulatory compliance 

In addition, an educational software software helps to fully comply with the local regulations of the country where the school is located, as well as with the required international standards. All this, in an automated way. Therefore, a great advantage in terms of efficiency and security is obtained by having the certainty that the required legal issues are being covered.

Language options

On the other hand, it is also necessary to have a system that can be adapted to the language of the country where it is being used. So that the different users feel comfortable working with it and exploring the different alternatives it offers. With this configuration option, it is even possible for each user to choose the language of their preference, regardless of the country they are in.

Qualification schemes

Finally, an academic academic software for schools also enables compliance with different grading grading schemesThe software also allows for the correct capture of this information in the templates. In this sense, it has the ability to adapt to the type of IB used by the school, whether it is PEP, PAI or PD, (PYP, MYP, DP).

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Now more than ever, it is essential to have a digital platform that allows you to systematize your school's processes and adapt them to the requirements of an international school. The benefits are many: from optimizing the user experience to increasing the competitive advantages of your school in a global environment.

With Phidiasyou have all these benefits and more, thanks to the fact that our platform offers the possibility to perform the necessary equivalences for schemes such as Abitur and Matura, providing a multi-reporting grading format that is adapted to the main international documentation systems.

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