When it comes to data security, the entire responsibility for safeguarding a school's information falls on the CIO. A task that is undoubtedly quite challenging and complicated, and for which an educational software with first-class infrastructure becomes indispensable.

Within the field of cybersecurityIt is well known that bad practices tend to increase when there is no culture of awareness about the proper use of data. For this reason, it is not only very important to evaluate the level of security of a school's academic management system, but also to promote good practices throughout the educational community.

In this content we will explore the essentials that an educational software must fulfill to avoid vulnerabilities, as well as a comprehensive alternative to meet the needs of schools in this regard. 

What does an educational software need to provide security? 

An educational software must have the ability to meet all the needs of a school, in addition to providing administrative solutions, as well as a support team that provides the necessary guidelines for the management of the center to be effective in terms of security.

In short, the system that safeguards all the information of a school must take care of all those accesses through which there could be a data leakage and thus avoid any type of vulnerability.

In view of this, both the systems area and management must evaluate whether the technological solution they currently have provides them with the necessary support or whether it is time to look for a more complete alternative.

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How to evaluate a school's current educational software?

While there are different tools (free and paid) with which a CIO can assess whether your current system allows you to safeguard school data effectively, there are also some essential questions that can help you get a more complete analysis. We share them below. 

  • Is it a comprehensive system? Many systems provide support for the administrative area of a school, but do not have academic or security functions to prevent vulnerabilities. For an educational software to be effective, it must have several integral modules that provide solutions for each department and its needs.

  • Does it centralize all the information? A secure educational software must allow the integration of data from each area of the school on the same platform.

  • Does it maintain data integrity? Many times, when migrating information from one system to another, it can happen that certain data is lost, causing problems in different areas by having an unreliable database.

  • Do you have effective security practices in place? An educational software must have security certificates and a solid infrastructure in the cloud to guarantee a good information safekeeping. This, in addition to having prevention processes in place to block users who are trying to be breached, as well as periodical notifications to change passwords.

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Why is Phidias the most suitable educational software to protect a school's data security? 

Phidias is the most comprehensive academic management tool on the market, which also consists of consulting by a specialized team that analyzes the current situation of a school, and from this, provides the most appropriate guidance on the modules that need to be integrated. 

Among its main advantages in terms of data security are: 

  • Daily backups
  • Access and activity logs
  • Single sign-on (SSO) with Google and Office 365
  • Secure password storage

Specifically for the systems area, Phidias not only offers configuration and parameterization of educational software, but also recommends best practices for data care. 

In addition, the system is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) under a Linux operating system, thus guaranteeing the highest level of security.

If you are in search of an academic management system for your school, we invite you to learn more about PhidiasProtect your data from any vulnerability!

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