One of the priorities of every school is to ensure a safe and violence-free school environment. However, the main difficulty in achieving this is the timely identification of harmful behaviors among the educational community, such as bullying. This is where a system of academic management can make a difference.

In this blog we will tell you how an educational software for schools can help to detect bullying cases in your institution in time.

Some figures on bullying

First, let's talk about statistics. Internationally, Unicef estimates that half of all students between the ages of 13 and 15 have experienced peer violence, both in and around school. This represents approximately 150 million young people worldwide. And the consequences they may suffer range from poorer school performancelow self-esteem, depression, and even suicide.

Within this framework, data from the NGO "Bullying Without Borders" place Mexico as the country with the highest rate of cases of bullying in the world. Mexico as the country with the highest rate of caseswith 7 out of 10 students suffering this type of violence. Likewise, in this ranking, Spain is in seventh place, with an estimated 3.5with an estimated 3.5 students out of 10, while Colombia is in tenth place. Colombia is in tenth placewith 3 out of 10 students victims of bullying in schools.

Due to its magnitude, the measures to be taken in relation to this phenomenon must take into account that bullying poses two main challenges:

Affects the entire educational community

Bullying is not only a conflict between victims and perpetrators, but also wreaks physical and psychological havoc on friends, parents, witnesses and teachers close to those involved.

Exceeds the physical space of the school

In addition, violence among students can be not only physical, but also psychological, verbal and social, going beyond the school setting and into the virtual world, with behaviors such as cyberbullying.

CTA key aspects

Academic management system: a tool for mitigating bullying

Having said that, it is clear that any attempt to reduce this problem must consider it in all its aspects and broad dimensions. For this reason, an educational software for schools can be the ideal instrument. Since it allows coordinating and optimizing everything related to administration and academic management. academic managementintegrating different areas and activities.

With this, it becomes much easier to carry out a continuous, punctual and far-reaching accompaniment and monitoring of the relationships that exist in the student community. Especially when it is through a modular modular system that includes:

Tracking module

These kinds of tools make it possible to keep track of student behavior from different perspectives, whether academic, psychological or health, since the system can be configured to suit the different departments. In this way, it is possible to collect information on tutoring, discipline, special cases of each student, eating habits, etc.

Specifically, one way in which this module can support students is by registering visits to the psychology area, where they can receive the support they need, for example, if they are victims of bullying and, at the same time, it is possible to link their parents in case they require additional help.

Communication module

In addition to the above, an academic management platform that integrates messaging functions for the entire educational community is crucial to maintain open channels of communication among all, and thus to be able to safely and anonymously report disruptive behaviors in and out of the classroom. Especially those that are more difficult to perceive with the naked eye.

Some of the most important functions that should be present are: sending personalized messages, whether internal, mass or individual, as well as embedding forms and videos directly in the communications.

Finally, since bullying or school harassment is a problem that encompasses the educational community in general, and transcends it, it is important that the measures taken to address it are comprehensive in nature and reach parents, teachers, teachers and students.s and students alike.

Technology can be our great ally, since academic software can play a decisive role in promoting violence-free spaces that guarantee students the safe environment they need to be happy and develop to their full potential.

Now that you know that an academic academic management can help you detect and combatr bullying in your school, it's time to act. Contact us at today and discover the different ways we can support you in creating a better environment for your students. 17+ years of experience behind us!

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