In the Digital Era there are mechanisms to control the authenticity of the information shared over the Internet. One of these mechanisms is the digital signature. In Colombia, with the implementation of electronic invoicing, the digital signature is gaining ground and its use is becoming more widespread.

An electronic invoice has the same legal effect as a paper invoice, they are equivalent. Both support sales transactions of goods and services. Mandatory electronic invoicing is governed under resolution 000030 of April 29, 2019 of the DIAN and there it states that all electronic invoices must have a digital signature supported by a current certificate.

CTA key aspects

Companies in Colombia, to generate their electronic invoices, must use the system published by the DIAN on its website, or use an authorized technology provider to generate these invoices. Phidias is one of the less than 100 technology providers recognized by the DIAN for this purpose. Phidias is a company dedicated to offer specialized services for educational centers, and being recognized as a Technology Provider offers a solution tailored to the specific needs of these centers.

The value of the e-invoicing service offered by Phidias is a flat fee per student. Unlike most providers, the number of invoices, debit memos or credit memos that need to be generated does not increase the value of the service. In this way, educational institutions can budget for the cost associated with this service without surprises.

Electronic Invoice
  • The system generates the electronic invoice in two files: an XML file and a PDF.
  • Each invoice is fully identified with the CUFE number specified by DIAN.
  • The PDF invoice includes a QR Code, a two-dimensional barcode, which contains all the elements to identify the document.
  • The system is responsible for complying with the prior validation process required by the DIAN, which consists of sending the invoices first to this entity and once they are validated, they are sent to the invoice holder via e-mail.
  • The invoices and documents generated are stored and kept by Phidias while the service is in force. And will be delivered if required to be stored by the College in their own servers for as long as they deem necessary.
  • The design of the invoices generated in PDF has been carefully reviewed by our team to offer attractive, easy to read documents that are naturally personalized with the logo and contact details of each institution.
  • The entire Phidias support team will always be available to accompany the school not only during the initial setup and configuration process, but also on an ongoing basis, at no additional cost.
  • The academic institution and family members will be able to consult at any time the electronic invoices issued, from the same central administration system, without resorting to alternate systems. Parents will be able to view all academic, disciplinary and financial information from the same site.

We are the best alternative for schools or kindergartens that need to generate electronic invoices quickly and securely.

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