Every time a new school year begins, one of the major concerns of every school is the organization of extracurricular activities. In general, because it involves coordinating aspects such as allocating budgets, planning resources and arranging different schedules. Nowadays, however, it is possible to simplify and streamline this process by using academic software for schools, which offers a wide range of services:

  • Have an overview of the schedules of all activities
  • Assign the distribution of quotas and teachers
  • To know the statistics of the activities with the highest demand.
  • Establish the capacity of each group
  • Enable online enrollment, payment and billing processes

Below, we explain how an educational software allows you to manage these activities.

Transforming the organization of extracurricular activities with academic software for schoolss

Every school knows that there are two main scenarios when planning extracurricular classes: when it is the first time the space is opened for the activity and when they have already been offered in previous years. Either case requires different logistics, to which must be added the variable of the budget, which will require readjustments depending on the demand for each of the activities.

Faced with this situation, an academic software for schools solves each of these problems thanks to the following functionalities, which can be designed to adapt to the specific needs of each school:

Audience configuration

Thanks to this option, it is possible to determine particular criteria that students must meet in order to enroll, such as age range, specific grades or previous knowledge required. In this way, it is possible to avoid filling up the course with students for whom the course is not intended, thus ensuring that those who enroll can get the most out of the activity.

Another of the most important aspects that educational software allows you to take into account when it comes to activities that have previously been offered at the school, is to ensure the space of students who were enrolled in previous courses. In fact, it is quite common for parents to expect a certain preference when re-enrolling their children in the same activity, especially when it involved some kind of investment in equipment or uniforms in the past.

Quota setting

The setting of quotas makes it possible to adjust the number of students that can participate in each activity, establishing that the groups close automatically once the determined capacity of students has been reached. The advantage of this is that it prevents problems arising due to over quotas, guaranteeing that the activities are adapted to the maximum number of students that each teacher can attend.

It is also possible to establish a minimum number of students enrolled, in order to ensure that resources are used efficiently, avoiding the delivery of courses with few participants.

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Adjustment of schedules

With this function, the coordination and visualization of extracurricular activities in a calendar becomes much easier, making it possible to optimally determine the duration and frequency of each class, as well as its start and end dates. This makes it possible to optimally determine the duration and frequency of each class, as well as its start and end dates, and thus eliminates time conflicts.

Online payment, transportation management and more

Last but not least, one of the greatest benefits of managing extracurriculars with academic software for schools is that it allows parents to carry out registration, payment and invoicing procedures on the same platform, saving them from having to go to the school or to a banking institution.

Similarly, with these tools it is possible to optimize the management of school transportation according to extracurricular activities, examining the available routes for those students who leave school late.

However, that's not all, since the configuration possibilities offered by an academic software for schools are multiple. And the most important thing is that they can vary or be adapted depending on the administrative requirements of each school.

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Academic software for schools: the ultimate solution

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the use of this technology also has several advantages for parents, as they achieve a higher level of satisfaction with the school thanks to the fact that:

  • They have access to all the information they need to choose their children's classes.
  • They can complete the registration process from the comfort of their home or work, avoiding lines.
  • They have an easier time making payments and obtaining invoices, eliminating paperwork-related errors or confusion.

Now that you have discovered that it is possible to achieve a simple, agile and effective management of extracurricular activities, it is time to bring this technological solution to your school.

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