Entrusting the comprehensive management of a school to a team of experts is one of the best decisions an educational center can make.

Beyond adapting practical and efficient processes, this management system allows the school to focus on the students and to take care of its main and only task: education.

Nowadays and in all sectors, the optimization of time and resources is a demanding and growing balance. Even more so in the school environment, when this can translate into improved educational quality. And it is precisely this situation, now more than ever, that gives value to educational management platforms. Among them, Phidias, which provides agile, precise and secure resources and tools for an impeccable organization, allowing teachers and school staff to take care of their students and curriculum development. An undeniable value that Phidias has always been committed to with a clear objective: to simplify, facilitate and streamline the day-to-day management of the school, benefiting teachers, students and families.

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Phidias is currently the platform with the most efficient integrated and modular management system that, on the one hand, allows optimizing resources and, on the other hand, reducing costs since the school will not have to invest in infrastructure, nor will it have to assume expenses associated with the teaching activity. In this way, schools are not forced to spend time or personnel on administrative, treasury or logistical tasks, such as transportation. Nor will they have to pay for the printing of documentation relating to academic communications such as grades, syllabuses, assignments, circulars, notices or reports. Simply with a commercial Internet connection and the experience of Phidias, all these inconveniences are solved.

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With integrated management in mind, Phidias offers eight organizational modules (Academic - Treasury - Communication - Administration - Online Processes - Tracking - Transportation - E. Intelligence) to cover all the key processes in the administration of a school. It takes care of such fundamental tasks as controlling collections and payments, managing courses (homework, grades and exams), managing enrollment and registrations, managing school transportation routes and routes, and coordinating communication with students and families.

In addition to all this, thanks to Phidias' expert management to centralize information and make it available through the Internet, the educational center will improve the quality and security of data (of the school and its users) as well as its accessibility and availability. Thus, the data will be stored in a robust cluster of servers managed by the world's leading Cloud Computing company where daily copies will be made to ensure its security.

For example, thanks to the Education Intelligence component, the school will have access to statistical analysis to improve its educational offerings and expand the services it provides. Studying the historical behavior of students, analyzing key indicators with innovative analysis tools, creating your own metrics or group comparisons, are all information that the school can always have at hand to control its educational strategy. As for teachers, not only will they be able to improve their skills with the use of new technologies, but they will also reduce their workload associated, for example, with the recording of grades or the preparation of reports on students' academic progress. All this without forgetting the families, who will always be aware of the functioning of the institution, receiving detailed information on all school processes through the Internet and from the first day of the course.

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