Academic Module

Evaluate and consult your subjects according to the grading scheme you manage (rubrics, competencies, IB system, among others). Phidias facilitates the recording and analysis of academic results, offering performance reports, real-time information for family and students, as well as other functionalities.

Academic module phidias
  • Administers and publishes the strategic and curricular plan.

  • Share files and academic plans.

  • Creates homework and support material.

  • Create online exams with automatic grading.

  • Send notifications of assignments and exams.

  • Customize newsletters, notebooks and other formats.

  • Generate and send newsletters and reports.

  • It registers mentions and recognitions.

  • Controls the dates of modification and consultation of grades.

  • Schedule events in the calendar.

  • Assign multiple teachers and course directors.

  • Make personalized comments.

  • Manages observations.

  • Create reports by subject, section, indicators, ranking, among others.

  • Integrate other platforms with Phidias.

Virtual classroom

Virtual classroom

It allows teachers to have a better dynamic with their students, providing interactive and friendly spaces where they can share content to enrich their virtual environment, in addition to encouraging their students to participate with their peers through forums per activity.

Teachers will be able to plan their classes in a more appealing way through images by subject, tools to publish documents, videos, forms that vary according to the students' answers, submit files from Google Drive and much more.

Official Documentation

Generates all the official documentation of the different educational stages (preschool, primary and high school). Prints histories, certificates, minutes and records of any academic year.

Certified Bulletin

Certified digital bulletins

You will be able to generate bulletins in PDF format to be audited and officially authorized by the school.

Once this process is completed, the documents will be certified and each one of them will have a digital signature, a QR code and a unique token that will allow verifying its authenticity through the web page .


  • Saving paper as part of our environmental commitment.
  • Possibility of certifying all types of documents issued by the school.
  • Secure storage of official documents.
  • The documents generated will be invariable over time.
  • Version control during the life cycle of each document.
  • Sending of notifications by document and consultation of their status.
  • Download them from any device.
  • 24/7 document authenticity validation.

Class book

Organize all the sessions held in a single, clear and simple space, ordered according to the class schedule and available to all coordinators: teacher, tutor, level coordinator, etc.

Phidias class book

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