Extracurricular Module

It allows parents to register their children's optional subjects and reduces administration time.

Phidias Extracurriculars
  • Defines which students may enroll in each extracurricular activity.

  • Association registration fees for extracurricular subjects.

  • Allocate one quota per activity.

  • Facilitates the invoicing of these items.

  • Groups students by special activities.

  • Generates enrollment reports.

Extracurricular module

Online Processes for Extracurricular Enrollment

  • View available subjects, groups and quotas.

  • Separate the quota and the enrollment to subjects.

  • Generates reports of registrations made.

  • Send personalized notifications.

Treasury Component

  • Allows online registration payment.

  • Plan monthly charges for extracurricular subjects.

  • Automatically sends confirmation of registration.

  • Create and send PDF invoices.

Extracurricular module

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