Follow-Up Module

Keeps a detailed control of non-academic processes configured to measure and unlimited. Allows the configuration of record notifications, signature process and creation of customizable templates.

Academic follow-up phidias
  • Keeps record of tutoring reports.

  • Make special notes about individual students.

  • Follows up on the student's eating habits.

  • Performs disciplinary, merit, etc. follow-ups.

  • Keeps a record of Admissions feasibility.

  • Adds a digital signature for each record created.

covid statistics

COVID-19 Registration

Keep track of the health status of your educational community. Through the COVID-19 form, the user has two entry options: from the platform and from the mobile app.

Daily Agenda

It records the activities carried out by the children and informs their families of the day-to-day activities at the school, so that they can have this information available from any device.

Academic follow-up phidias


In Phidias it is possible to configure the student's observer in digital format, in which it is possible to keep records, in an unlimited way, of the accompaniments in the different processes of the institution.

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