The teacher plays an essential role in the academic success of all learners. However, there are also other factors that an institution must consider to enable its teachers to focus 100% of their students' attention to positively influence their motivation and school performance.

To this end, it is vital that educational institutions provide strategies and technological tools, such as an academic software for schoolsThis software allows and facilitates teachers to manage their personal work, as well as all the activities involved, such as: homework, student control, among others.

But before delving into the technological alternatives that a school can aspire to for the improvement of its management, let's look at the importance of a teacher's full focus on the motivation and performance of his or her students. 

The role of the teacher in the classroom

A teacher fulfills the function of getting students to develop knowledge about different topics and situations. To do so, they implement a variety of roles depending on the educational level where they work. This, with the objective of preparing students for their future. 

Teachers, in addition to transmitting learning to maintain students' school performance, also help them feel part of a community, increase their sense of belonging and make them feel included, respected and encouraged through different school activities. 

In this way, students are motivated to compete with themselves and achieve self-determined goals that will better prepare them for the challenges of their future. 

However, in order for the teacher to perceive and encourage the interests and abilities of each student, it is vital that the teacher has the facility and flexibility to to make use of his or her time to fulfill this objective. Unfortunately, bureaucratic tasks often limit this function.

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Lack of time: the main challenge for teachers in schools

In the business world, a very curious situation occurs in most sales areas: their salespeople have no time to sell! Some statistics have confirmed that 80% of their time is spent on tasks and activities that have nothing to do with attracting customers. But why is this relevant? Well, because, incredible as it may seem, the same is often true for teachers!

Many times, the bureaucratic burden, such as the elaboration of documents with student information, attendance control, evaluation records, extracurricular projects, etc., can be very difficult. extracurricular projectsamong others, takes time away from them to prepare their classes and dedicate themselves to what they should be doing: teaching and motivating their students.

Unfortunately, it seems that more and more paperwork is required to be completed by teachers, which can lead them to use up to 3+ hours of their time to complete administrative tasks. 

What are the consequences of this? The time to attend to the student is reduced and the educational process is distorted, consequently, it can lead to a decrease in student performance that will later become complaints from parents to the school. 

How can a school support its teachers to concentrate on their academic activities?


No school wants its students' academic performance to drop, let alone be caused by a bureaucratic burden on teachers.The school does not want the performance of its students to drop, much less be caused by a bureaucratic burden that teachers have to carry out. However, these tasks must be performed so that the institution has the necessary information on all of its students.

Fortunately, schools today can have technology on their side and use it to their advantage to have student information at their fingertips, as well as monthly reports on the operation of the academic area. 

Through the use of academic software for schoolsBy using an academic software for schools, educational institutions may be able to have a complete view of everything that happens in their school in real time and without the need for teachers to interrupt their classes to attend to administrative matters.

Another great advantage of an academic academic software for schools is that it allows you to have all student information on a single platform.. This not only benefits managers, but also helps teachers themselves to keep a much more precise control of each student, making it easier for them to focus their support strategies to monitor the performance and motivation of their students.

Now, how can you get a academic software for schools tailored to the needs of an academic institution? Phidias is a cloud platform to manage the processes of any educational center through a secure, fast, intuitive and very accessible application.

Within this academic software for schoolsWithin this academic software for schools, both managers and teachers can create different user roles to have access to the information that concerns them and thus have a better management of their corresponding activities.

If you would like to learn more about this application and the different types of modules types of modules modules available for a school, we invite you to contact us through this link link.

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