Nowadays, the complexities surrounding academic academic management make the correct handling of information more than paramount. Ideally, all school data should be centralized in a single educational software that integrates Business Intelligence.

¿Business IntelligenceThat's right! Business Intelligence or BI is currently a key tool in the administration of all types of educational institutions, thanks to the facilities and benefits it offers. Let's learn more about why below.

Importance of Business Intelligence in education

First of all, we must remember that the main objective of the Business Intelligence is to transform a system's data into valuable information. In this case, in customized reports that satisfy a specific academic, behavioral or financial need.

In this context, the importance of having BI functions in academic management systems basically lies in providing school management and administrative staff with tools that facilitate information analysis and decision-making. facilitate information analysis and decision making..

For example, if the administrative and financial director needed to know the average length of time parents owed tuition fees, the Business Intelligence would allow him to obtain a detailed report for collection purposes, in which he could even request that the amount owed for each enrolled child be included, both in a disaggregated and grouped manner.

CTA key aspects

Thus, BI is extremely useful for schools because, on the academic side, there is a lot of information that is valuable for student follow-up, not to mention reporting to the school administration and parents. From grades, behaviors, psycho-pedagogical cabinets, to performance reports, etc., etc., etc., etc.

In addition, from the administrative point of view, it is important to have in an orderly and systematic manner the information related to aspects such as the following InvoicingCollection, Portfolio, Inventories, Purchases and other fundamental accounting items.

Therefore, the Business Intelligence allows for effective control of two key areas of school management: academics, on the one hand, and economics and administration, on the other.

What platforms does BI offer for the academic management of schools?

Despite the great benefits that BI has proven to bring within the educational environment, there are still very few academic management platforms that have integrated this type of functionality. In fact, for most of them, it is still a challenge for the future.

However, the good news is that there are some specialized companies with many years of experience in academic management whose systems already have these functions. One of them is Phidiaswhich offers an extremely flexible solution to meet the needs of each educational institution:

  • Integrate and centralize school data in a single system.
  • Organize the information according to different criteria so that each user can use it according to his or her requirements.
  • Provide the possibility of extracting data in an Excel file, facilitating its analysis, printing and even communication to managers and parents.
  • Enable the creation of customized reports
  • A modular design that covers the different areas of academic management (e.g. Admissions, Tracking, Treasury, Administration, Communication, Online Processes, Transportation, Extracurriculars, etc.).
  • Ensuring the highest level of cybersecurity

Today, undeniably, the most prestigious educational institutions in the world not only stand out for the quality of their pedagogical approach, but also for their degree of technological innovation. technological innovation by implementing advanced systems for intelligent management.

Are you looking for a solution to streamline your academic management? Phidias is the academic software for schools that will make possible the 360° management of your institution. Contact our team of experts our team of experts to learn more.

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