When looking for a academic software for schoolsThere is a risk of being overwhelmed by the wide offer in the current market. Nowadays, there are different types of software in the sector to make the activities of educational institutions more efficient: from teaching and learning systems to accounting systems, invoicing systems or those specialized in academic management management.

However, within this wide range of software, particularly in systems specialized in school management, there are the so-called "modular systems". We will explain them below.

Academic software for schools: What are modular systems?

The modular educational software are those that allow the selection of specific areas or activities of academic management to be digitized.. That is, the possibility of choosing only the most convenient and important modules for the administration of the educational center.

Whether you are looking to digitize academic processes, admissions, internal and external communication, extracurriculars, or the financial side of a school, modular systems allow you to invest in what you really need, unlike systems that force you to take a whole package of functionality.

Thus, the benefits of adopting educational software software are the following.

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Advantages of implementing modular academic software for schools

Budget optimization

As we saw a moment ago, one of the main advantages of this type of software is that it allows you to focus on the priority aspects for the institution, without having to acquire a complete system with functions that may not be necessary.

In this way, the allocated budget can be put to better use, which will benefit the school's finances.

Staggered growth

On the other hand, modular modular software allows you to grow in stages. That is to say, the modules can be incorporated by parts, as new needs arise.

This aspect allows both learning and user experience to be better when using the platform, since every time a module or functionality is added, users only have to focus on adopting that new feature. This makes it much easier to become familiar with the system, encouraging them to get the most out of it.

Better change management

Hand in hand with the previous point, another great benefit that an academic software for schools academic software for schools software for modular schools offers is that it helps to better manage change within the institution.

The fact that it is modular means that the possible resistance developed by the different members of the educational community (teachers, students, parents and administrative staff) can be overcome.teachers, students, parents, and administrative staff) is more easily minimized by) is more easily minimized by preventing them from having to modify their processes abruptly. Consequently, the school will be more likely to achieve a successful transition as it is a progressive process.

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At Phidiasour purpose is to simplify school management by centralizing all academic, financial and administrative processes in one place. Our system is highly recognized for its adaptable and modular design, which adapts to the real need of the real needs of each institution.

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