Online Processes Module

It allows users to conduct surveys, collect authorizations, make registrations and promote data update campaigns, among others.

  • Organizes on-site or online enrollment processes.

  • Processes and plans pre-registrations and registrations.

  • Conducts surveys and voting.

  • Records precedents of all academic activity.

  • Handles attachments and customized files for each user.

  • It associates links to an external platform or in Phidias.

  • Update student and family data.

  • Enter and edit the records of the Medical Record.

  • Sends process notifications.

  • Generates reports of actions performed in each process.

Verification of digital signature document

Digital signature

It links a digital document with a person's identity, making the document unchangeable at a later date, through its digital signature and without the physical presence of the users.

Through our integration with Protecdata and Signio, the digital signature has the same legal backing as a physical document.

Voice signature

You will have the possibility to sign any type of document, in a legal way, by means of a phone call from Biovoz - Protectada. At the end, the user can validate in his personal email and in the platform the signed documents.

Digital voice signature

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