It is no secret that, at the present time, academic academic management of schools involves several challenges due to the large number of processes and activities that need to be coordinated.

However, this task is often further complicated when educational centers have systems that are prone to generate inefficiencies in the operation. This has an impact on the time consumed to execute the tasks and, therefore, on costs.

That is why today we share with you 5 reasons why private schools trust Phidias to manage their academic management.

Why schools prefer Phidias for academic management

Our educational software helps manage school processes through a secure, fast and intuitive platform. It is distinguished by its attractive modular design that offers a solution for each of the key processes of the academic management.

The attributes preferred by our customers?

Centralized and updated information for academic management.

As we know, data management data management is one of the main challenges for schools. Many of them work with different systems that require requesting information in different places and more than once.

Thus, the lack of data integration ends up increasing the probability of error in the processes by requiring the information to be cross-checked several times to verify that it is correct.

Our academic software for schools eliminates these problems because all academic, administrative, financial and communication information is centralized in the same system, where it is automatically updated after each movement made on the platform. In this way, Phidias provides real-time information at all times. Saving time and facilitating the activities of the entire educational community.

CTA key aspects

2. Data security with world-class infrastructure

One of the most recognized characteristics of Phidias is that it is a cloud system that integrates a high level of security throughout its infrastructure. Some of its qualities are:

  • World-class infrastructure with server cluster hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Daily backups
  • Access and activity logs 
  • Access via HTTPS protocol throughout the platform
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) with Google and Office365
  • Secure password storage

3. Distinguished support service

On the other hand, at Phidias we not only offer a platform of the highest level, but we also distinguish ourselves by providing exceptional support. Our clients count on constant assistance of a team of expert consultants that proactively advises, guaranteeing the solution to the school's needs.

In addition, we have an online help service, whereby schools receive immediate answers to their requests. They also have access to an extensive archive of videos and illustrative, easy-to-understand articles that serve as guides.

  • With Phidias, support is always available

4. Flexible system with functionalities that meet the needs of each institution.

This point is of great relevance because, although there are many academic management systems, each one has a different scope. For example, they may coordinate gradingbut not allow their parameterization according to the grading schemes used by the school.

The fact that Phidias is so flexible is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why private schools choose us.

It is a system that has a great capacity for adaptation thanks to its multiple functionalities divided into modules. Among them are:

  • Manage the strategic and curricular plan
  • Enable the creation of online assignments, support materials and exams with automatic grading
  • Generate grades, integrating all grading schemes in the report cards/bulletins
  • Send messages and notifications
  • Schedule events
  • Manage observations and create reports
  • Facilitate payments and other online processes online processes
  • Manage invoicing, collection and collection of payments.
  • Monitor follow-ups
  • Manage everything related to school transportation (allowing real-time location of each vehicle).
  • Manage extracurricular activities
  • Etc.

5. Compliance with regulations for better academic management.

Regulatory compliance is another important reason for choosing Phidias. Our system meets the relevant regulations in terms of academics, data protection, reporting and more, adapting to the regulations set by local government institutions. From electronic invoicingFrom electronic invoicing, civil protection regulations, to traffic and road regulations, among others.

Thus, for private schools, the implementation of Phidias is synonymous with efficient, secure and accurate academic efficient, secure and accurate academic management.. ¡Contact us at today and find out what our software can do for your school! 17 years dedicated exclusively to the education sector, along with a presence in 7 countries 7 countries countries endorse the level of our experience and professionalism.

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