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Social Responsibility

We strongly believe in social equality and promote collaboration programs with foundations that foster equal access to resources and opportunities. Within this philosophy we work actively with the following institutions:



It offers all levels of education to more than 2,600 students in the town of La Boquilla in Cartagena de Indias.

Phidias Academic has allowed the institution to improve the monitoring of its students, streamlining the processes of recording grades, printing newsletters and analyzing academic results.

Colombia Grows

Leads educational projects in low-income sectors of Bogota. This foundation seeks to promote the integral growth of people through education.

Phidias Academic has allowed them to streamline the processes of enrollment, administrative management and academic monitoring of their students.

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Friendly Town

An initiative of the Newman School, supported by Phidias Académico, which seeks to develop a non-formal experiential bilingual exchange model for the integration of third grade students from the six I.E.D. (departmental educational institutions) of Cajicá.


Since 2016, the Phidias team has participated as volunteers in the construction of houses for low-income families in the department of Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

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A program of the San Antonio Foundation that, with the support of Phidias, and through a quality socio-educational offer, provides opportunities for children and adolescents from parishes with complex situations.

Saving the Amazon

In 2021, Phidias participated in an initiative that helps offset the CO2 footprint by planting 252 trees, creating our first forest in the Amazon, contributing to its conservation and helping indigenous communities that use this space as forest enrichment.

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Tsara Project

An initiative created by the IDEO Foundation in Madagascar, which under the slogan "Sport and education for a better future", seeks to use basketball as the main means to reduce early school dropout rates and multiply enthusiasm for life.

Phidias is proud to have supported and participated in the sponsorship of the event.

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